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Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode #83 (Apr 2022)

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Ali’s Narrative Variant Geeklist: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/277219/karars-campaigns-board-games

[0:00] Intro

•••[4:03] Games Q&A►►►

Everdell rating? More story in euros? Remote gaming? Polyominos? Tulpenfieber? Attacking in fave games? Soloing darker themes? Gold West mancala? Deckbuilding in Agricola vs Magic? Burgundy Deluxe edition? Mainstream sponsors? Melodice? New ideas for legacy games? Board game trading? Colonization theme in board games? Catan? Top 5 classics? Alternate contest entry? Prime + Twitch? Deeper game analysis videos? Stardew Valley? Ark Nova? Killing in games? Rahdo retiring in 5?

•••[1:34:43] Personal Q&A►►►

Post scarcity when? Severance? Religion in a post scarcity world? Max pets? Preferred immortality length? Newlywed tips? My half sister? 2p trick takers (sorry should have been in the games section)? Breakfast food? Retirement passing the time? Blown Away? Jen’s WOW? Doggos!

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