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Why People Cheat & The Best Advice for People Who Are Too Busy

When you sit down to eat, several things affect how MUCH you eat and how much you enjoy the food. I begin this episode by revealing how the environment and atmosphere of the room in which you are eating can have a big impact. When you learn the details, you can use this information to help you eat less while enjoying your food more. (

Sometimes people in relationships cheat. No secret there. But why? Are we programmed to cheat? Are humans, by nature, NOT monogamous? And what can you do if there has been cheating in your relationship? These are all important questions addressed by my guest Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg. Dr. Rosenberg is a board certified addiction psychiatrist, sex addiction counselor and he is author of the book Infidelity: Why Men and Women Cheat ( He also has a quiz on his website so you can assess your cheating potential. Go to :

When you go to a business function you are often given a name tag to wear. So which side of your chest should you put it on – left or right – or does it even matter? While in the scheme of things it may not matter much, there is a correct side and it all has to do with function. I’ll tell you which side is the better side according to etiquette experts. (

In our culture we are obsessed with saving time. We have gadgets and apps and systems all designed to make us more productive so we get more done in less time. But then what do you do with the time you saved? Probably use it to get more things done. So what’s the point? For a different look at how you spend your time and what you spend it on, listen to my guest, Laura Vanderkam, author of the book Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done ( She has been speaking and writing about this topic for a while and has some interesting insight and practical advice I think you will enjoy hearing.

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