Episode 312: Matthew Hoffman AKA The Leaf Killer Part 2

When we left off in part one, Matthew Hoffman had tied Sarah Maynard up so that he could take a nap after brutally killing three of her loved ones. Part two picks up with Matthew clean up the scene while keeping Sarah locked in his cold, dark basement where she was left to sit on a makeshift bed made from, you guessed it….leaves. While Matthew was working on the rest of his plan, like burning down the home, the police were working behind the scenes and luckily able to rescue Sarah. 

Case begins at 11mins 30 seconds because we had a philosophical discussion about not letting toxic shit into your bubble. We understand some people may want to skip! 🙂

Check out this amazing book about the case!

The Girl in the Leaves by Robert Scott

Also, check this out 😉

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