Regal Part 2 – The Origin of a Wrestling Villain

William Regal makes his highly-anticipated return, and this time he’s telling stories about the British wrestling scene, and the guys who influenced him and schooled him when he was first getting started at the age of 15. He’s got some great stories about Shirley Crabtree aka Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks (whom William wrestled a lot in his early years and even traveled with), Les Thornton, and Sid Cooper. He remembers the first time Tiger Mask came to Britain and what he learned and took back with him to Japan. Regal talks about his first holiday camps, his first trip overseas, and he even gives a lesson in British slang! He breaks down the British spots that continue to influence guys to this day like the Dick Beyer, the Tony Charles and the International spot, and he shares some stories from his WWE days about Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley.