S3E19: The Daddy Cream Interview

If you don’t know adult entertainer Daddy Cream aka Jovan Joseph, then this is a great introduction.  

I first met Daddy Cream in 2021. My first conversation with him was via text message. I remember being struck by how forward and business savvy he was. By then I was intrigued and I thought, ” okay he talks this good, but does he have the goods.” And he did.  It was a great scene.

Jovan recently self-published a memoir called, The Truth Behind It All.  I read it before sitting down with him. It gave me great insight on both his character and what his life was like growing up in Northern California under the care of his loving grandmother. 

We went on to discuss his relationship with his mother, meeting his estranged father, coming out, trouble with the law and having a baby with his best friend. 

I hope you enjoy.