SYSK Choice: How to Get More by Doing Less & Fascinating Real-World Math Fails

Why do some headaches seem to happen out of the blue? This episode begins with a list of reasons people seldom consider for what could be causing their headache – many of which you would likely never guess.

Many of us work long hours. It is often a badge of honor. But could working less actually make us more productive and happier? That’s what Celeste Headlee believes. She is a journalist and author of the book, Do Nothing: How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, and Underliving ( Listen as she reveals the benefits of spending less time working – including more profit for business and better health for workers. Plus she offers some examples of famous, productive people who worked a pretty short day.

Why is it people often look back fondly on the past, yet fear and worry about the future? There is a reason for this – it is called “hindsight bias.” Listen as I explain what it is and why we so often long for the good old days. (Source: Dan Gardner, author of the book Risk (

Would you believe it if I said that 90% of all spread sheets in the world likely contain at least 1 error? That is just one of many ways math screws things up in our world according to Matt Parker. Matt is a math teacher, YouTuber and author of the book Humble Pi: When Math Goes Wrong in the Real World ( Matt joins me to discuss some fascinating truths about math, why it is so important in our lives today and how it often goes wrong. Here is a link to his channel on YouTube:


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