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SYSK Choice: People Behind the Great Firsts in History & Job Search Strategies That Work

Have you heard of dooring? It is a bicyclist’s nightmare. Dooring is when someone in a car along the side of the road opens the door just as you ride by on your bicycle and – WHAM! It happens a lot more people than you might think – and it probably ALMOST happens even more. There is an interesting way to prevent it that comes from the Netherlands. Listen and find out what it is.

Have you ever wondered the name of the person who discovered fire or invented the wheel? You might think it was too long ago to know but Cody Cassidy has done the research and was actually able to trace it all back to discover who did a lot of things – first, like who invented clothes and who drank the first beer. Cody is the author of the book Who Ate the First Oyster?: The Extraordinary People Behind the Greatest Firsts in History ( Listen as he joins me to reveal some of these fascinating firsts.

When you need a job, it may be tempting to respond to online job posts but that turns out to not be a particularly good way to go about it. What works better? Listen as I speak with Steve Dalton, founder and CEO of and author of the book The 2 Hour Job Search ( He has developed a system to speed up a job search and get a great job that is well suited to you.

If you want to know how sincere someone is, check out their hands. Listen as I explain what you should look for.


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