Your Magic presents Satanism

In this episode, we present to your earholes some beautiful, whimsical and wonderful friends of the pod Your Magic. 

Today, Your Magic pulls back the curtain on the many misconceptions about Satanism. Exploring demon conjurings (spoiler…they can be kinda cute!) and the beef between the Temple of Satan and the Church of Satan. Meeting three different types of Satanists- atheistic, theistic and satanic witches- we mostly learn that the devil is our friend. Plus, we dive into the meaning of The Devil card with Hannah Graves, creator of Cult Mother Tarot, learning how to work with its dark and disciplinary energy.  

Your Magic is a podcast hosted by author Michelle Tea. Every episode explores contemporary spirituality and magic with lots of humor and heart. Usually, they read their guests tarot – including people like Kathryn Hahn, Japanese Breakfast, Phoebe Bridgers, and so many other amazing people and then offer a DIY spell or ritual that anyone can do. But, in this episode – the host Michelle Tea dives deep into Satanism, the Satanic Church and the Satanic Temple and explores what it actually looks like to worship Satan.

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